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Fast, easy and secure
Using QR codes in shops, on terminals or online, alongside an array of features we aim to make your payment routines effortless and secure.
Make your life sweeter, through cash-backs and rewards!
Free Top up* and P2P Transfer
Fund your account via multiple sources for free, while also you can send and receive money for free from your friends within the app!
Pay your way, Play your way
Cashless play in all touchpoints of collaborating gaming ecosystem.
Make your life faster, simpler and more secure.
OKTO.WALLET is a universal, open-loop mobile payment app that aims to reduce payment friction, enhance payment experience, allowing real-time e-money funds transfers in a cashless, secure and fast way.
Dynamic, Simple, Secure
You can now use, move and collect your funds instantly, 24/7. Monitor your transactions anywhere, anytime and real-time, store your receipts and keep an eye on your spending!
Manage your payments 24/7
Manage your account and payment tools seamlessly.
Monitor your transactions anywhere, anytime and real-time, store your receipts and keep an eye on your spending, so as not to get carried away!
Don't Take Our Word For It. Hear What Our Customers Say.
"One of the best wallet applications in the market. Nice graphics, fast and responsive screens, intuitive design and flawless cooperation with credit/debit cards and banks. A must in the financial world for a real step into the future of wallet systems.”
George T.
“Clean and user-friendly interface! It significantly raises the bar for mobile payments!”
Billy Z.
“Very nice and useful app. No longer need to carry cash and credit cards”
Mary A.
“Awesome app to keep track of your finances! I highly recommend it to everyone, especially those who only want to carry around their mobile phones.”
Diane T.
“If you have not heard about OKTO.Wallet yet: it’s an app with great functionalities which makes it perfect also for gaming. It is also easy to split bills with friends, p2p transactions, secure payments.”
Andrew N.
“This is honestly one of the BEST apps for gaming transactions! Using QR code technology, the transaction is fast, easy and reliable”
Louis F.
“I love how fast you can transfer money to gaming terminals. And also, fast to withdraw funds back to your bank account.”
James B.
“Fast, smooth and consistent. Very easy to use.”
Nick F.
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